About Me

MeI am a psycholinguist interested in language variation and development. Currently, I teach linguistics at the Cyprus University of Technology (Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences) and I carry out my post-doctoral research in Cyprus Acquisition Team (University of Cyprus). My research approaches aspects of language variation and acquisition from an interdisciplinary perspective. In my doctoral dissertation, I investigated the limits of language variation across linguistic and cognitive phenotypes, aiming to understand the nature of variation alongside its constraints.

In parallel to my work on variation across cases of (a)typical language acquisition, I have been working on a separate yet related project: development in bilingual environments that involve two closely related varieties. I have tested bilingual child and adult populations in a variety of linguistic tasks, investigating issues related to clitic production and placement, light verbs, exhaustivity phenomena, clefts and focus constructions.

More recently, I ran an experiment that involves a novel variety judgment task administered to bilingual speakers of Greek and a West/North Germanic language (mainly English, Swedish and Norwegian), including L1 attriters and heritage speakers, aiming to establish comparative profiles among these populations across levels of linguistic analysis.

If you are interested in the topic of variation, have a look at my doctoral dissertation.

Academic Background

I received my BA in Mediterranean Studies with a major in linguistics from the University of the Aegean (Rhodes, Greece) in 2005, my BA in English Language from the University of Cyprus in 2011, and my MA in Ciència Cognitiva i Llenguatge (Cognitive Science and Language) from Universitat de Barcelona in 2012.

I defended my doctoral dissertation in linguistics at Universitat de Barcelona in July 2015, obtaining my doctorate degree cum laude.

Since 2009, I am a member of the Biolinguistics Task Team and of Cyprus Acquisition Team.

You can also check my CV for more information about my research interests.